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Adoption of Ukrainian kids by Canadian Citizens

A stable number of Citizenship adoptions (15-17 per year) are processed with most going to Quebec, but others to small communities with Ukrainian-speaking neighbours in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Most are for siblings of a same family, and all must be over 5 years of age.” “The long adoption process forces adoptive parents to be in Ukraine for between 2 and 3 months, with the last month full-time with adoptive children. There are also 3-5 FC9 adoptions on a yearly basis. Ukrainian legislation requires adoptive parents to provide yearly socio-psychological reports to local Ukrainian authorities (Embassy or Consulate) until the adopted child is 18 years of age. Only then, does the adopted child loose his/her Ukrainian citizenship and fully sever ties, in this way. This is a notable exception to the lack of recognition of dual citizenship for Ukrainian citizens.